March 13, 2017

Marketing Assessment

Marketing Assessment

With our Marketing Assessment, we will go over all your social media, advertising, and your website. You’ll get a copy of the audit with our suggestions on how you could improve!

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Package Includes

  • Free PDF downloadable report

What will we be looking at?

Website Evaluation

  • How fast is the website?
  • Does it look aesthetically pleasing?
  • Is the site’s content compelling?
  • Is there video content?
  • Are there “Call To Action” buttons located on the site?
  • Is the website mobile friendly?
  • Is the sales-funnel easy to follow?

Social Media Channels

  • How often is content being posted?
  • Is the content compelling?
  • Which posts have the highest engagement?
  • Which posts have the lowest engagement?
  • Is the content consistent with the brand?
  • Is there interaction with the audience?

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